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Just Because

not for you or anyone else...

22 April 1985
100x100, 1024x768, 800x600, adobe, afi, angel, anne of green gables, anne rice, art, audrey hepburn, ball jointed dolls, bambicrony, being human, bjd, bjds, black butler, blend challenges, blends, blood, blood ties, bones, btvs, buffy, carrie underwood, cheese, concerts, css, custom house, daria, david bowie, dead like me, delf, dexter, doctor who, dolkot, dollfie, dragon age, drawing, dream of doll, drive, edward scissorhands, elfdoll, enter the haggis, eyeliner, fandom, fandom icons, fandoms, fashion, fetishes, firefly, fishnets, friends, gerry mcnamara, ghost whisperer, glee, guitar, hakim warrick, hana yori dango, hanson, hot topic, icons, inanna, instant star, inuyasha, jasc, jason dohring, javascript, jennifer love hewitt, joss whedon, kid delf, kitchen confidential, kristen bell, labyrinth, legend of the seeker, lilly kane, living dead dolls, lord of the rings, love, luts, michelle trachtenberg, models, music, my so called life, mystery, mythology, nana, nathan fillion, nightmare before christmas, nin, nine inch nails, norman rockwell, numb3rs, off kilter, paint shop pro, passion, patricia briggs, photoshop, pi, piano, piercings, point pleasant, prime, programming, queen of the damned, radio free roscoe, related, repo!, river tam, samantha who, serenity, seven nations, sexy, soony, squiby, stuart townsend, su basketball, summer glau, super dollfie, supernatural, syracuse, sytycd, taryn manning, tattoos, teddy dunn, terry goodkind, the killers, thirteen, tinkerbell, torchwood, tru calling, true blood, twilight, upn, vampires, vb.net, veronica mars, veronica/logan, victorias secret, vm, volks, wallpapers, web design, wonderfalls, writing, young dubliners